Ballerina and the Prairie :)


So wordpress has been evil to me and I don’t know what I’ve dont to deserve this!!!!!!!! I had posted this blog about 2 minutes ago and when it published it simply ate my first lines and went straight to the pictures, it better not be trying to say something about my writing!  So, as I was saying on the lines you weren’t able to see… I have been wearing this outfit for 2 days and for those who know me, that’s is something rare. BUT I wanted to blog it so bad and I knew that if i changed god knows when I would put together another blogging outfit… So as soon as I got online I knew I had to do the shoot. Lucky for me I have an amazing new friend who I will from now on refer to as ballerina. I was looking for a prairie and all i kept getting on the search was rubbish so I decided to send an s.o.s to ballerina and of course she totally saved me. I knew that I would know as soon as I get to THE prairie, and when she took me to ROCHE I knew I had found it! It has not just the prairie but also a lot of other things very very good for photography so I totally recommend you get up and go there to check it out.  I leave you now the pictures I took with ballerina and I hope that you enjoy them!
















Outfit # 12

♥ Skin / ♥ Shape / ♥ Lashes & ♥ Eyes – Previously Blogged here.
♥ Bra – BOOM – Comfy Womfy ~ Lilac – It has to be one of my favorite underware ever! I have it also in mint green.
♥ Hair – Previously blogged here.
♥ Earrings – RYCA – Pearl Knotted ~ White – This is actually a whole set with necklace and a bracelet but I just used the rings.
♥ Shirt – *Chronokit* – Shirts 02 Check ~ Pink- I have had this shirt for a while and I had forgotten all about it. It is really great and has amazing shadowing. I recomend a visit to this store ASAP!
♥ Ring – Zaara – Raga Oyster Ring ~ Pearl – LOVE it!!! It was a gift from someone very special to me and it is just simply amazing. It carries a lot of value for me.
♥ Shorts – Mon Tissu – Cuffed Denim Shorts ~ Destroyed Wash – The choir of angels started singing the moment, the second this pair of jean shorts were in my sight. What are you waiting for? Go get them!
♥ Boots – Previously blogged here.

Thank you every single one of you readers for following this blog. I never thought I’d built the conviction and patience to make it. I love putting outfits for you and if you ever want to see something in particular all you have to do is contact me in world or via facebook. Special thanks on this post to Ballerina because without her I wouldn’t have found the perfect location and the shoot wouldn’t have been as fun as it was!

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Life is simpler in the sea


I have had this pictures for a little over a week now! I am SO sorry!!! SHAME ON ME!!! I have had some stuff going on and gotten myself really busy buuuut I’m back full force!!! I went out sailing with my friend Dutch the other day and it was just absolutely wonderful! I havent been on a sailing boat in RL in probably… 8 years and I miss it so much. I love the ocean and the calmness it brings you, the feeling of… peace and no end… I was listening to Ella and Nina while we sailed and I just couldn’t get enough of it, I am listening to Ella right now, “Summertime”, she sings it with Louis, totally amazing. I guess today is more of a thoughtful, photography post, I hope you like it.

Outfit #11

♥ Skin / ♥ Shape / ♥ Eyes & ♥ Lashes – reviously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Truth Hair – Delia ~ Black & Whites – It’s TRUTH! need I say more?
♥ Bathing Suit – T.G.I.S  – Wrap-Around Bikini ~ Wine – I have it on almost all colors, I think that says it all! i love the femininity of it, and it’s just so sexy.
♥ Bare Feet – Previously blogged here.

OMG where is my head at!!! I was wearing a necklace and stuff when I went sailing lol. they are

♥ Jewelry – *League* – Wanderer ~ Black – You HAVE to go to this store!! They have some amazing jewelry and clothes too!!
♥ Shades – The Mesh Shop – Bulvary Diamond Shields – You HAVE to go to this store! This is Dutch’s store, and he has some amazing stuff!! Also, he makes sailboats too so its a MUST!

Thank you to all the new followers, i love YO faces more and more. Don’t forget to stay safe kids, enjoy life and don’t let anyone make you feel something you dont want.
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p.d here is a little something something, after the sailing i had a dance session with my little one, Jassie.

Summer Marvelous


So I went to TDR to check if they had changed the collection and THEY HEVENT! So I got my favorites, and left some more to get when I earn more lindens. When I saw this outfit on me I KNEW I had to blog it. It is so perfect for summer!!  So there I was standing at home looking fabulous and it came to me, I needed a bay walk or some sort of seaside path for this shoot because I looked so summerish, one search and BAM! I found it! Las Islas – Las Lagunas is a wonderful beach sim, it has stores, galleries, a dance club, you name it! It was love at first sight! As I was walking through it it gave me the feeling of the 1950 (ish) Cuba, amazing old cars, glamour, good music, specially good music! So here are the pictures I did and the incredible outfit I totally rocked!

Soaking up the sun a little bit…

Exploring is so heavenly in places like this…

A little rest before finishing my walk around…

Admiring the place, it’s just amazing…

Waiting for my driver to give me a spin 🙂

The sound of the waves is so relaxing…

Nothing but glamour…

Outfit # 10

♥ Shape, ♥ Skin & ♥ Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Truth Hair – Georgina ~ Black & Whites – Do I even need to say something?  ♥LOVE♥
♥ Jumpsuit – Ricielli – Papi Jumpsuit ~ Polkadot – This version of the Jumpsuit is on sale, yes! SALE!, at The Dressing Room for an unbelievable price, so  go Go GO!!
♥ Jewelry Set – RYCA – Pearl Knotted ~ Black – I really like RYCAs jewelry, they have great stuff with different lengths and metals, you gotta check them out!
♥ Heels – Previously blogged here.
♥ Shades – Previously blogged here.

So, I was on my route to pick up my slurls from the things I was wearing and when I got back to Las Islas I was approached by “Dutch”, very charmind man, of course he complimented me on the outfit and I mentioned I was doing a Blog on it so he gave me some things to blog. One of them were this glasses, since it goes perfectly with this outfit I’m adding a picture to the post. If you want to check out his stuff (which is REALLY great) go to The Mesh Shop.

Oh, I want to give a shout out to Clarice, an avid follower of the outfits I put on!!
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Norah Jones, Fly me away…


Today’s pictures have been taken at Noweeta Graasland. I was exploring for a new place to take pictures in and I came across this wonderful place of hang out. I was walking around and I found a balloon, like it was just waiting for me. ( To capture my vision & thoughts, or to try to at least…
I recommend playing this: )

Have you ever felt that you just want to fly away? Or be flown away?
Felt like you are just floating and everyone moves, but you?

With the music at full blast I float through and remember…
Remember all the good times we had.
You know which ones they are.

Fly me away through the fields of loneliness…

Fly me away, but don’t let me fall…

Help me go through this broken dreams trees…

And in front of them… stand tall.


Outfit #9

♥ Shape, ♥ Eyes, ♥ Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Truth – Pepper – Black & Whites ~ Night.  I have said it before and I will say it again, TOP Hair store in all Second Life.
♥ Glasses – MIEL – Hipster Peepers ~Razz – Miel has some awesome stuff, from shoes to glasses, to bracelets and more! Must go to store for sure!
♥ Big Shirt – !GO! – Big T-Shirt – I LOVE the look of this shirt!! They have so many designs you will want them all!!
♥ Bangles – MIEL – Friendo Bracelet – My ex got this for us, she has one like it. They are amazing! Like I said, must go to Miel and check out all their products!
♥ Heels – Maitreya Gold – Esprit ~ Black – What can I say, I looove Maitreya heels! The details are so well done, must have shoes!

I am sorry for the lack of posts, I had laptop fiasco after laptop fiasco. I am back and charging my fashionista batteries just for you!
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P.S: Here is another way to rock this shirt. High boots from TEN”10

A Brand New Day


Hello my lovelies!!!!! Missed me??? I hope you missed me as much as I missed you!! I am terribly sorry for the lack of gooddie posts I was dealing with some black holes in my existence. So now I’m back and I’m bringing some color back with me!! This morning I was speaking with my youngest, Jasmin, my little princess and we decided to go snooping around some sales since I had just gotten a free skin and was thinking of making a blog and giving it a go in this old computer (oh yes, my new laptop is in the repair shop so that’s why I haven’t been blogging, my SL crashes constantly and this one doesn’t have PS, only GIMP). So we got to Collabor88 (you can find the link some posts back) and OMG nothing was rezzing, everything was grey, it was crowded as hell so Jassie decided to take me to her friends store and I all of a sudden BAM! I had an outfit going on for all of you!

For my photography need I decided to go to Cherry Blossom and do the photo shoot there. I hope you like it!

Outfit #8

♥ Shape – JASMIN – Good day to you – My babygirl is starting a little shop at our mall making shapes and what not. If you need a custom made shape you can get hold of her.
♥ Eyes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Lashes – Crissy Designs – Double Effect Eyelashes – The first prim lashed I ever got, they were a gift from my ex and I gotta say I used them for a looong time before I got another pair.
♥ Skin – MyDear – Group Gift – Querida SKin – Somehow I got a notecard from this store today, I didn’t even know I had subscribed to. I LOVED the skin, the colorful eye shadow got me in a playful mood and is really the reason why I decided to try to make a blog, you need this!
♥ Hair – ::Exile:: – Rivers Run ~ Marone – I love love love Exile! This has to be one of my favorite Exile hairdos! mgo get it NAO! kthkx 🙂
♥ Necklace – [glow] Studio –  Where is summer –  I absolutely ADORE glow!! I have so much jewelry and accessories from this store its unreal. MUST go check it out!
♥ Dress – Stellicious –  Pocketdress ~ Sky – So, this is the store my Jassie took me too and I got the pleasure to meet Stelli herself! She has a great collection and lot more coming!!! It’s a starting store that has fresh, lovely designs!
♥ Shoes – Previously blogged here.

Thank you all for keeping an eye on the blog while I wasn’t here, I remembered every single one of you and I missed giving you this little tips. Don’t forget you can add me on facebook, and like the blog’s page with the Like button on the right.

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Me love me some West!


Hello super sexies!!! So, I decided I was gonna use some pictures I had from a day I went exploring with West, my bestie, you should know who he is since he inspired the Paris themed post. So we went to Alirium, you’ll see West knows the nicest sports, he helps me sometimes to find locations for the posts.  This place is absolutely gorgeous! Just jump through the white hole and chose were you go from there. They also sell landscaping components that you will see in the scenarios they have done. Just take a look at this:

Isn’t it like MEGA gorgeous!!! You have to check it out!!! Today the post is probably a little longer than usual since I went loco with the pictures, but they are ALL worth it!!!!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed taking them!

West Outfit
☼ Shape –  The Body Co – Hunter.
☼ Skin – The Body Co. – Hunter ~ 04 medium.
☼ Hair – Drot – Kellin 2.0 ~ Chocolate – I gotta say this store has great male hair that are kinda emo like, let’s call it, hair with attitude!
☼ Ears – AITUI –  (Type 2) Stretched Ear ~ Human 1/2″ – L – I just love Aitui, got some tattoos from here and they are amazing!
☼ Eyes – ~*By Snow*~ – Fall Eyes ~ River – The eyes I usually wear are from here too and I love them, they have a particular shine I just adore!
☼ Glasses – Reek! – Park Shades ~ Hud Color Control – Reek is just AWESOME! Very unique, very cool!
☼ Tattoo – AITUI – Pretty Birds ~ Flock – Once again amazing Aitui!
☼ Necklace – Gabriel – Two Strand Necklace ~ Male – This is actually a store group gift, they have it for girls too.
☼ Bracelet – Mandala – Yuzu Sinra (Bracelet Men) ~ Samurai Black – One of the best accessories stores in the grid! Mandala has amazing care for details.
☼ Shirt – ::Kal Rau:: –  Plaid Shirt Mesh ~ Blue – Amazing Store for the boys!
☼ Pants – Adjunct – Denim – New Age Jeans ~ Smoked – Very well made pants!
☼ Shoes – Reek! – Swell Sneaks ~  Hud Color Control – I already told you, Reek is the bees knees!
Outfit #7
♥ Skin, Shape, Eyes and Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Earrings (on the Alirium pictures) – Mandala – Senjyu Eearring – Snow I LOVE MANDALA! amen.
– So I made an oepsie, as my wife would call it I didnt notice I was using different earrings. The earrings I’m wearing in the outfit pic were previously blogged here.
♥  Hair – EXILE – Fiona ~ Raven – Definitely one of my TOP hair stores!!! I love this one in particular cause it just had this flow to it that I just adore!
♥ Sweater – Maitreya – Athena ~ Grape – I love, love, love, love, LOVE Maitreya!! (yes I know I love a lot but we already stablished in the previous post i love shopping so, deal with it :D) My wife got me this sweater and she got the same in a different color and we just adore it!
♥ Belt – Previously blogged here.
♥ Jeans – Cynful –  Modest Flare Jeans ~ Ripped – The thing I love about Cynful jeans is that they come with the options of high raise or low raise and I personally think that’s awesome cause not everyone likes showing part of their bum to the world. Other than that the cuffs are well made and its a great pair of Jeans.
♥ Shoes – Pixel Mode – Baby T’s ~ Black – I have already blogged a different color of these and I said it then and I will say it again, every girl needs AT LEAST one pair of them!

And that was all for today!! I hope you loved it!! Please dont forget to clickity clack the like button on the right sidebar if you have facebook, and to share the link with your friends.

Love YO faces!!


The Shoppoholic…


Hi, my name is Michelle and I have a shopping problem… roflmao! I was picturing myself standing in a circle of fabulously dressed women all in a support group for shopping too much! Yeah my imagination wonders when in good mood. I know my wife would agree hat i may need this support and I’m sure many of your hubbies or wifes agree with mine but we will never listen, specially with all this amazing things coming out!! For this shoot I went to the Mayfair  and just got some thingies I will be posting in future blogs 😀

Outfit #6

♥ Hair, Skin, Lashes& Eyes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Dress – Baiastice – Yoli Dress ~ Black Stars – I have had this dress in my inventory for quite a while, and I always LOVE wearing it.
♥ Tights – Mstyle – Tights ~Stars – Lovely detail to add to your outfits, they have some other patterns too that will complete the perfect wow outfit!
♥ Shoes – Ingenue – Gatsby ~ Chestnut – I absolutely ADORE this shoes! I got a pair at Collabor88 a couple of months ago  and when I wanted more they were gone! I got the fatpack thanks to the generosity of the creator that offered it to me before she placed it in the store (not for free but they are SO worth it), luckily for all of you fashion lovers, the shoes are in store now and with 15 colors available!!! So what are you waiting for? GO GET THEM!!!!!

Thank you all for coming back to the blog to check what goes out, I love doing every single one of the photo shoots just for you! I have lots coming up and I’m sorry the post with all my family hasn’t  been out yet but like I said I have a numerous family and having them all online and ready for the shoot takes FOREVER!!! lol!! But it will probably be out this coming week.

Love YO faces!!!