Post Uno!!!!! YAY!!!! *runs around in excitement*


So I know what you might be thinking…. ANOTHER blog! bah! BUT!!!!!! Give me a chance here I am actually trying to do something a bit different but also the same (say whaaaaaa?). Yes! I will be putting outfits together and blogging the stores, do followup on sales and events and post my favs on each of them BUT, here is the but, I am also a photography lover and I am madly obsessed with awesome sims so I will also be posting some photography done in “must see” sims and posting urls to all of them!!! YAY!!!! I might also post some cool furniture i found around sl since i have 13456789 houses in my inventory according to my wife.  If you wanna know about me or ways to contact me if maybe you are a store and you want me to blog your stuff *hint hint* just check the About tab next to home.

Today I bring you some photography done at my family’s mall and an outfit I absolutely ADORE!

hi there!!

I love the feel of grass under my toes…

the MUST HAVE closeup!

now the actual outfit…

♥ Shape: Custome made by me – I take custom made orders 😀
♥ Skin – Laqroki – Minna ~ [Mocha 02] – Gotta love Laq! I adore this skin it is definitively one of the ones I use the most!
♥ Eyes – ~*By Snow*~ – Elven Eyes ~ Aqua – My mom bought this for me because I was in the search of THE eyes and omg she did it! I absolutely love how this look, the shine, the color definition, everything!
♥ Lashes – Redgrave – Eyelashes ~ 19 Diva – I saw them on a friend and she is like my mentor on this blogging thing cause she is awesome and she kept saying “I have blogged them” I think I must have asked her 8 times to the least before I actually got them, I couldn’t be happier with them!
♥ Feet: Maitreya Gold – Bare Feet Flat – I can’t get enough of these feet! I use them as much as possible and they look AWESOME when I go surfing!
♥ Jeans: Lianicious – Cherry Blossom Jeans – I absolutely LOVE the jeans! They were actually a very, very!, pleasant surprise, the texture is very well made and the prim cuffs are super cute with lil pink cherry blossom flowers, I couldn’t find an actual store so I linked the MP.
♥ Belt: Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Belt ~ Black – I have never really used belts before and started recently and this is definitively my favorite! Very well done!
♥ Blouse – Mon Tissu – So Boho Blouse ~ Bisque – It was love at first sight! I saw it hanging on the rack and we exchanged looks and we knew! We knew she had to be in my inventory and I had to share her gloriousness with the world! (yes, I know gloriousness is NOT a word, deal with it!)
♥ Hair – Truth – Tahnee ~ Black & White – You have to understand that I am a hair lover, my wife complains about the amount of hair in my inventory. This is just AWESOME! The more I see it the more i love it!!!
♥ Tattoo – ::Para Designs:: – Butterfly Medley ~ Color Medium – I have had this for a while, I really like this store, I must have at least 10 of their work.

And with that this first post of Guilty SLeasures is over, thank you all for reading!! Please pass this around your friends, I have a lot more to show and share with you! If you are interested in a shape or photo just check my About tab and hit me up inworld!
Love YO faces!!!

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