The Morning After!


Ok, I know I am late, I’m soooo sorry, I promise it wont happen again! So today I’m making 2 posts!! In this one my amazing wife is making an appearance in one of the pictures, I went to Collabor88 the other night with Rosie (click her name to go to her blog, she rocks and totally inspired me to create this) and i saw this pose by (PDA) so run and get it!! It’s really awesome I love the “sway me off my feet” feeling I get from it.

a kiss NY style 😀

This I took in our house, it is a nice small one bedroom home with very good textures you can find it in Sweet Harmoni for a VERY reasonable price, the grass is actually part of a whole done entrance look for the house, I will show you in a future post maybe, it came in a pack of stones and stuff to landscape from Ya Bing’s Creations, she has awesome stuff!! The pretty log with the sitting poses is from .:Neva Naughty Designs:.  it comes with very nice singles and couples poses.

Making a special appearance my wifey!!! YAY

Outfit #2

 ♥ Skin – previously blogged.
♥ Shape – previously blogged.
♥ Eyes – previously blogged.
♥ Lashes – previously blogged.
♥ Hair – Truth – Vicky ~ Black & Whites – I love the ” just woke up and I needed my hair up” look, its a very cool and relaxed up do, and of course, I can not say it enough, Truth has great stuff!
♥ Shades –  Yummy (but this ones are on the current display of Collabor88) – Karina Glasses ~ Black –  Love, love, LOVE the big glasses!!!!
♥ Earrings and Bangles – The Sea Hole (but this ones are on the current display of Collabor88) – The Parisian Accessories Set ~ Coal (They include the bangles, earrings, and a cigarette with its holder) – They are really fashionable with different outfits, I didn’t include the cigarette holder in this post because I didn’t think it really linked to the theme I wanted but I will be definitely be using it soon!
♥ Tattoo – previously blogged.
♥ Blouse – Maitreya – Boyfriend Shirt ~ Lava – I absolutely loooove this shirt!! It can be worn with jeans like I did today or just short shorts or even nothing, but panties of course.
♥ Jeans – Mon Tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette ~ Black –  In her kind is the absolute favorite! I love how skinny it is! It includes socks layers along with cuffs and an alpha, you can choose to wear the layers as you prefer, in this case I didn’t use the cuffs just the socks layer.
♥  Shoes – Pixel Mode –  Baby T’s ~ Soft Gold – I struggled soooo hard to get the shoes I thought were PERFECT for this but they haven’s been set for sale so this was my best second, I love Baby T’s, every girl should have at least one pair!
Also if you wish you get the uhm… chair I am sitting on you can get it at (PDA)  it comes with sits and poses, it is AWESOME, also available in 2 other colors.

So, again, I am TERRIBLY sorry for not posting yesterday but I will make it up today with a second post coming later this afternoon. I love you all for keeping up with the blog, it really means the world to me!
Don’t forget to pass it around with your friends!!!

Love YO faces!!



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