L’Amour et la Sensualité


On this post I was inspired in Paris, you’ll see this week I am missing terribly my bestie West (he is in Paris for a week) so I decided to somehow look like a “sensuelle parisienne ” and do some justice to the city of l’amour et la sensualité! So this post is dedicated to my lovely West!!! I will show him to you in future posts I’m sure!! For this shoots I went to New Paris and did a little exploring till I came across a wonderful black piano and a vintage car.


♥ Skin – Previously Blogged here.
♥ Eyes & Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Friday – Tatum ~ Cynical Black – I’ve had this hair in my inventory for probably a couple of years and I use it from time to time, it’s great for just a relaxed look or a frizzy up do.
♥ Lip Tatto – AITUI – Lip ~ Shut Up – I saw it and i HAD to have it!
♥ Collar – Mon Chéri – Sweetheart Lingerie ~Black – Sweetheart Lace Collar – This collar came with some gorgeous lingerie I got which I may blog one day if my wife allows it lololol! It comes in two versions one with a scripted option to play with your lover so its a s&m script and the other is a plain choker accessory and, no, I wont tell you which one I’m wearing 😉
♥ Tatto – Previously blogged here.
♥ Dress – [C]hexx – Tube Dress {mesh} ~ BlackSilk – This is a new store that is coming STRONG! They have the most amazing tube dresses, they have ut a lot of work into their designs and have incredible pieces!! If you are a true fashionista you gotta have one, they even take custom made orders for one of a kind dress designs.
♥ Belt – not so bad. fashion ~ MAUD belt – It comes in 4 sizes and one unrigged. One thing I thought was a bit senseless was the unrigged version can not be stretched only moved up and down but nonetheless its a very good quality mesh belt.
♥ Shoes – Maitreya – Verve Pumps ~ Black v.2 – This were the first good quality pumps I ever got and I love them to this day!

Thank you all for your support and for sharing the blog with your friends! I have one more post coming for you today that I think you are gonna LOVE! It’s Meshtastic!!!

Love YO faces!!!



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