Fabulously Urban & Family Presentation


Well hello there sexy people!!! Today I decided to do a “less is more” kinda post and when my wife and I were wondering where on earth on sl was I gonna be doing shoots we decided it had to be “urban” so first I started in BassLine Skate Park but then I knew I needed more and in all fairness I just couldn’t find the “look” I was searching for for this outfit, so then I said ok maybe i need idk a different kinda look so I ended up going to a sim that was for “hood” RP and omg it was SO scary lololol!

Some girl was on voice talking about guns and stuff and I was like omgaaaaahwd they are gonna keeeeeel me!!!! so i quickly moved my camara around and found a cool grafity on a wall and idk how I man up to do it but I ran there and took ONE picture and by the time I heard her say “did someone just took a pictuuuure?” I was already teleporting home!

Then I just finished the pictures in an urban” themed sim with a school and night clubs ya know… the usual in any borough…

♥ Skin, eyes, lashes & shape – Previously blogged here.
♥ Lips tattoo – Previously blogged here.
♥ Earrings – Fusion – Multi-earrings ~ Silver – I have had them in my inventory forever and I remembered recently!!! Love every bit of them!
♥ Hair – Truth – Vanessa ~ Black & Whites –  Have I mentioned I LOVE Truth hair? lolool
♥ Hoodie – .:villena:. –  mesh Hoodie ~ Soul – I have been looking for a mesh hoodie for god knows how long and I have finally found it! this is AMAZING, I love it!!
♥ Boots –  [GoS] – mesh Triumph Boots ~ Massai – The second I saw this boots I knew I had to have them, now, they are a bit pricey BUT the product you receive for your money is totally worth it, you can wear them both down, both up, or like I do in the pic, one up one down, I LOVE them!
Once more thank you all for the support, special thanks to my wife who waits endless hours for me to be done with the blog and to her nana, Darla, who is always an avid reader!! To all of you there in front of the computer screen… I would be nothing and no one without you, don’t forget to spread the word on the blog and to let me now if you wanna know about anything in particular so I blog it soon.
Love YO faces!!!
Chelle ♥
OH YES!!!! I did say I was gonna do a family presentation wasn’t I… I will make a blog entry with all or well… most of my family members tomorrow so you meet them all!

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