Me love me some West!


Hello super sexies!!! So, I decided I was gonna use some pictures I had from a day I went exploring with West, my bestie, you should know who he is since he inspired the Paris themed post. So we went to Alirium, you’ll see West knows the nicest sports, he helps me sometimes to find locations for the posts.  This place is absolutely gorgeous! Just jump through the white hole and chose were you go from there. They also sell landscaping components that you will see in the scenarios they have done. Just take a look at this:

Isn’t it like MEGA gorgeous!!! You have to check it out!!! Today the post is probably a little longer than usual since I went loco with the pictures, but they are ALL worth it!!!!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed taking them!

West Outfit
☼ Shape –  The Body Co – Hunter.
☼ Skin – The Body Co. – Hunter ~ 04 medium.
☼ Hair – Drot – Kellin 2.0 ~ Chocolate – I gotta say this store has great male hair that are kinda emo like, let’s call it, hair with attitude!
☼ Ears – AITUI –  (Type 2) Stretched Ear ~ Human 1/2″ – L – I just love Aitui, got some tattoos from here and they are amazing!
☼ Eyes – ~*By Snow*~ – Fall Eyes ~ River – The eyes I usually wear are from here too and I love them, they have a particular shine I just adore!
☼ Glasses – Reek! – Park Shades ~ Hud Color Control – Reek is just AWESOME! Very unique, very cool!
☼ Tattoo – AITUI – Pretty Birds ~ Flock – Once again amazing Aitui!
☼ Necklace – Gabriel – Two Strand Necklace ~ Male – This is actually a store group gift, they have it for girls too.
☼ Bracelet – Mandala – Yuzu Sinra (Bracelet Men) ~ Samurai Black – One of the best accessories stores in the grid! Mandala has amazing care for details.
☼ Shirt – ::Kal Rau:: –  Plaid Shirt Mesh ~ Blue – Amazing Store for the boys!
☼ Pants – Adjunct – Denim – New Age Jeans ~ Smoked – Very well made pants!
☼ Shoes – Reek! – Swell Sneaks ~  Hud Color Control – I already told you, Reek is the bees knees!
Outfit #7
♥ Skin, Shape, Eyes and Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Earrings (on the Alirium pictures) – Mandala – Senjyu Eearring – Snow I LOVE MANDALA! amen.
– So I made an oepsie, as my wife would call it I didnt notice I was using different earrings. The earrings I’m wearing in the outfit pic were previously blogged here.
♥  Hair – EXILE – Fiona ~ Raven – Definitely one of my TOP hair stores!!! I love this one in particular cause it just had this flow to it that I just adore!
♥ Sweater – Maitreya – Athena ~ Grape – I love, love, love, love, LOVE Maitreya!! (yes I know I love a lot but we already stablished in the previous post i love shopping so, deal with it :D) My wife got me this sweater and she got the same in a different color and we just adore it!
♥ Belt – Previously blogged here.
♥ Jeans – Cynful –  Modest Flare Jeans ~ Ripped – The thing I love about Cynful jeans is that they come with the options of high raise or low raise and I personally think that’s awesome cause not everyone likes showing part of their bum to the world. Other than that the cuffs are well made and its a great pair of Jeans.
♥ Shoes – Pixel Mode – Baby T’s ~ Black – I have already blogged a different color of these and I said it then and I will say it again, every girl needs AT LEAST one pair of them!

And that was all for today!! I hope you loved it!! Please dont forget to clickity clack the like button on the right sidebar if you have facebook, and to share the link with your friends.

Love YO faces!!



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