A Brand New Day


Hello my lovelies!!!!! Missed me??? I hope you missed me as much as I missed you!! I am terribly sorry for the lack of gooddie posts I was dealing with some black holes in my existence. So now I’m back and I’m bringing some color back with me!! This morning I was speaking with my youngest, Jasmin, my little princess and we decided to go snooping around some sales since I had just gotten a free skin and was thinking of making a blog and giving it a go in this old computer (oh yes, my new laptop is in the repair shop so that’s why I haven’t been blogging, my SL crashes constantly and this one doesn’t have PS, only GIMP). So we got to Collabor88 (you can find the link some posts back) and OMG nothing was rezzing, everything was grey, it was crowded as hell so Jassie decided to take me to her friends store and I all of a sudden BAM! I had an outfit going on for all of you!

For my photography need I decided to go to Cherry Blossom and do the photo shoot there. I hope you like it!

Outfit #8

♥ Shape – JASMIN – Good day to you – My babygirl is starting a little shop at our mall making shapes and what not. If you need a custom made shape you can get hold of her.
♥ Eyes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Lashes – Crissy Designs – Double Effect Eyelashes – The first prim lashed I ever got, they were a gift from my ex and I gotta say I used them for a looong time before I got another pair.
♥ Skin – MyDear – Group Gift – Querida SKin – Somehow I got a notecard from this store today, I didn’t even know I had subscribed to. I LOVED the skin, the colorful eye shadow got me in a playful mood and is really the reason why I decided to try to make a blog, you need this!
♥ Hair – ::Exile:: – Rivers Run ~ Marone – I love love love Exile! This has to be one of my favorite Exile hairdos! mgo get it NAO! kthkx 🙂
♥ Necklace – [glow] Studio –  Where is summer –  I absolutely ADORE glow!! I have so much jewelry and accessories from this store its unreal. MUST go check it out!
♥ Dress – Stellicious –  Pocketdress ~ Sky – So, this is the store my Jassie took me too and I got the pleasure to meet Stelli herself! She has a great collection and lot more coming!!! It’s a starting store that has fresh, lovely designs!
♥ Shoes – Previously blogged here.

Thank you all for keeping an eye on the blog while I wasn’t here, I remembered every single one of you and I missed giving you this little tips. Don’t forget you can add me on facebook, and like the blog’s page with the Like button on the right.

I love YO faces!!!!



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