Norah Jones, Fly me away…


Today’s pictures have been taken at Noweeta Graasland. I was exploring for a new place to take pictures in and I came across this wonderful place of hang out. I was walking around and I found a balloon, like it was just waiting for me. ( To capture my vision & thoughts, or to try to at least…
I recommend playing this: )

Have you ever felt that you just want to fly away? Or be flown away?
Felt like you are just floating and everyone moves, but you?

With the music at full blast I float through and remember…
Remember all the good times we had.
You know which ones they are.

Fly me away through the fields of loneliness…

Fly me away, but don’t let me fall…

Help me go through this broken dreams trees…

And in front of them… stand tall.


Outfit #9

♥ Shape, ♥ Eyes, ♥ Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Truth – Pepper – Black & Whites ~ Night.  I have said it before and I will say it again, TOP Hair store in all Second Life.
♥ Glasses – MIEL – Hipster Peepers ~Razz – Miel has some awesome stuff, from shoes to glasses, to bracelets and more! Must go to store for sure!
♥ Big Shirt – !GO! – Big T-Shirt – I LOVE the look of this shirt!! They have so many designs you will want them all!!
♥ Bangles – MIEL – Friendo Bracelet – My ex got this for us, she has one like it. They are amazing! Like I said, must go to Miel and check out all their products!
♥ Heels – Maitreya Gold – Esprit ~ Black – What can I say, I looove Maitreya heels! The details are so well done, must have shoes!

I am sorry for the lack of posts, I had laptop fiasco after laptop fiasco. I am back and charging my fashionista batteries just for you!
Don’t forget to contact me on facebook and like the blog! Also you can follow my flicker, links are on the side!

Love YO faces!!


P.S: Here is another way to rock this shirt. High boots from TEN”10


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