Summer Marvelous


So I went to TDR to check if they had changed the collection and THEY HEVENT! So I got my favorites, and left some more to get when I earn more lindens. When I saw this outfit on me I KNEW I had to blog it. It is so perfect for summer!!  So there I was standing at home looking fabulous and it came to me, I needed a bay walk or some sort of seaside path for this shoot because I looked so summerish, one search and BAM! I found it! Las Islas – Las Lagunas is a wonderful beach sim, it has stores, galleries, a dance club, you name it! It was love at first sight! As I was walking through it it gave me the feeling of the 1950 (ish) Cuba, amazing old cars, glamour, good music, specially good music! So here are the pictures I did and the incredible outfit I totally rocked!

Soaking up the sun a little bit…

Exploring is so heavenly in places like this…

A little rest before finishing my walk around…

Admiring the place, it’s just amazing…

Waiting for my driver to give me a spin 🙂

The sound of the waves is so relaxing…

Nothing but glamour…

Outfit # 10

♥ Shape, ♥ Skin & ♥ Lashes – Previously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Truth Hair – Georgina ~ Black & Whites – Do I even need to say something?  ♥LOVE♥
♥ Jumpsuit – Ricielli – Papi Jumpsuit ~ Polkadot – This version of the Jumpsuit is on sale, yes! SALE!, at The Dressing Room for an unbelievable price, so  go Go GO!!
♥ Jewelry Set – RYCA – Pearl Knotted ~ Black – I really like RYCAs jewelry, they have great stuff with different lengths and metals, you gotta check them out!
♥ Heels – Previously blogged here.
♥ Shades – Previously blogged here.

So, I was on my route to pick up my slurls from the things I was wearing and when I got back to Las Islas I was approached by “Dutch”, very charmind man, of course he complimented me on the outfit and I mentioned I was doing a Blog on it so he gave me some things to blog. One of them were this glasses, since it goes perfectly with this outfit I’m adding a picture to the post. If you want to check out his stuff (which is REALLY great) go to The Mesh Shop.

Oh, I want to give a shout out to Clarice, an avid follower of the outfits I put on!!
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Love YO faces!!!!



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