Life is simpler in the sea


I have had this pictures for a little over a week now! I am SO sorry!!! SHAME ON ME!!! I have had some stuff going on and gotten myself really busy buuuut I’m back full force!!! I went out sailing with my friend Dutch the other day and it was just absolutely wonderful! I havent been on a sailing boat in RL in probably… 8 years and I miss it so much. I love the ocean and the calmness it brings you, the feeling of… peace and no end… I was listening to Ella and Nina while we sailed and I just couldn’t get enough of it, I am listening to Ella right now, “Summertime”, she sings it with Louis, totally amazing. I guess today is more of a thoughtful, photography post, I hope you like it.

Outfit #11

♥ Skin / ♥ Shape / ♥ Eyes & ♥ Lashes – reviously blogged here.
♥ Hair – Truth Hair – Delia ~ Black & Whites – It’s TRUTH! need I say more?
♥ Bathing Suit – T.G.I.S  – Wrap-Around Bikini ~ Wine – I have it on almost all colors, I think that says it all! i love the femininity of it, and it’s just so sexy.
♥ Bare Feet – Previously blogged here.

OMG where is my head at!!! I was wearing a necklace and stuff when I went sailing lol. they are

♥ Jewelry – *League* – Wanderer ~ Black – You HAVE to go to this store!! They have some amazing jewelry and clothes too!!
♥ Shades – The Mesh Shop – Bulvary Diamond Shields – You HAVE to go to this store! This is Dutch’s store, and he has some amazing stuff!! Also, he makes sailboats too so its a MUST!

Thank you to all the new followers, i love YO faces more and more. Don’t forget to stay safe kids, enjoy life and don’t let anyone make you feel something you dont want.
Please don’t forget to share the blog around with your besties and even your enemesties. You can always contact me inworld and fb.

Love YO faces!!


p.d here is a little something something, after the sailing i had a dance session with my little one, Jassie.


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