Hi!!!!! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am and you have no clue for how long I have been wanting to make one of these! Therefor I take this moment to do a solemn pledge of commitment with the blog to post at least once a day and be awesome and funny!

All that i to bring you is with much love and appreciation. I have been on SL for 4 years and always looked for ways to improve and enhance my avi and the SLife, and of course, try to find the BEST freebies out there! So I will just be sharing my passions with you, my “Guilty SLeasures”, shopping, decorating, exploring, doing photography… This will be a one-sided conversation with the invisible bestie! If there is anything you would like to see I would love to hear it so don’t hesitate in leaving me comments on the posts or even sending me NCs inworld, just look for the fabulous “Michelle Leichter” and drop your info.

I would love to try your products and do shots of them for the blog!

Also one thing i wanted to stand out, even though my avi is not big it is curvy and I will only be placing on the blog curvy friendly outfits, I don’t appreciate outfits done just for skinny barbie avs, and I dont mean make it all for curvy avis but just make it in a way that we can edit it and rock the look, its not that hard i’m sure.

All that being said, now you have my inworld ID, if you want you can email me at michelleevermoreleichter@gmail.com or look me up on facebook with that same email.

Love YO faces!!!


p.s: I just remembered I was gonna talk about my stuff!!! lolool ok so here it is…

My wife and I are just opening a mall, we have cute cubicles for rent, nothing huge but very nice and family friendly, you can find us at [C]hexx [M]all, in there we also have our store where we are working on a variety of items, so far we have mesh tube dresses with an incredible line of designs like disney characters, flowers, flitters, you name it!, women’s flat shoes, kids shoes and gestures. We make custom-made gestures and shapes, just gotta let us know what you want in a notecard and we will contact you with a tentative price to talk on and start our project. I think that’s pretty much it… now go back to the blog and enjoy!


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