Ballerina and the Prairie :)


So wordpress has been evil to me and I don’t know what I’ve dont to deserve this!!!!!!!! I had posted this blog about 2 minutes ago and when it published it simply ate my first lines and went straight to the pictures, it better not be trying to say something about my writing!  So, as I was saying on the lines you weren’t able to see… I have been wearing this outfit for 2 days and for those who know me, that’s is something rare. BUT I wanted to blog it so bad and I knew that if i changed god knows when I would put together another blogging outfit… So as soon as I got online I knew I had to do the shoot. Lucky for me I have an amazing new friend who I will from now on refer to as ballerina. I was looking for a prairie and all i kept getting on the search was rubbish so I decided to send an s.o.s to ballerina and of course she totally saved me. I knew that I would know as soon as I get to THE prairie, and when she took me to ROCHE I knew I had found it! It has not just the prairie but also a lot of other things very very good for photography so I totally recommend you get up and go there to check it out.  I leave you now the pictures I took with ballerina and I hope that you enjoy them!
















Outfit # 12

♥ Skin / ♥ Shape / ♥ Lashes & ♥ Eyes – Previously Blogged here.
♥ Bra – BOOM – Comfy Womfy ~ Lilac – It has to be one of my favorite underware ever! I have it also in mint green.
♥ Hair – Previously blogged here.
♥ Earrings – RYCA – Pearl Knotted ~ White – This is actually a whole set with necklace and a bracelet but I just used the rings.
♥ Shirt – *Chronokit* – Shirts 02 Check ~ Pink- I have had this shirt for a while and I had forgotten all about it. It is really great and has amazing shadowing. I recomend a visit to this store ASAP!
♥ Ring – Zaara – Raga Oyster Ring ~ Pearl – LOVE it!!! It was a gift from someone very special to me and it is just simply amazing. It carries a lot of value for me.
♥ Shorts – Mon Tissu – Cuffed Denim Shorts ~ Destroyed Wash – The choir of angels started singing the moment, the second this pair of jean shorts were in my sight. What are you waiting for? Go get them!
♥ Boots – Previously blogged here.

Thank you every single one of you readers for following this blog. I never thought I’d built the conviction and patience to make it. I love putting outfits for you and if you ever want to see something in particular all you have to do is contact me in world or via facebook. Special thanks on this post to Ballerina because without her I wouldn’t have found the perfect location and the shoot wouldn’t have been as fun as it was!

Don’t forget to follow the blog on facebook if you have one and spread the word about it!

Love YO faces!!



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